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Tantra massage

Massage that empowers sexual energy

Tantra is a pathway, not just to sexual ecstasy but to personal healing and fulfillment.

— Andrew Barnes

Tantra is a celebration of being sexual. It is a practice of cultivating your sexual energy, which equals your life energy!

Tantra massage, and yoni or lingham healing massage, is the therapeutic and empowered building of sensual connection with your sexual organs that you would never experience in ‘regular’ sex. This experience goes beyond the normal massage providing you with the ultimate sensation of tantric healing and ecstatic pleasure, carefully and with full respect.

Genuine tantra massage provides healing, nourishment and fine erotic experience to those who crave it in the most gentle and elegant form available. Another important purpose of this massage is bringing calm and absolute relaxation to your day and making you enjoy the pleasures your body was created for.

Our senses are our key to our body, our mind, and our soul. They are doorways to a soul-fulfilling, richer and loving life. Being totally present, awake and connected is a bliss…

– Anna, the Massage Miracle Maker

My approach

I am an experienced tantra massage therapist, passionate about touch, tantra massage, and bodywork. I have a natural gift in my hands and many years of experience working in spas with many types of massage. My massage sessions are far from cookie-cutter routine. I am always authentic, responsive and present during a session.

I adopt the Sexological Bodywork approach which allows me to successfully work with couples looking for a change within their relationship, men and women who know there is more to sexuality than quick sex, peak orgasms and overwhelming routine in the bedroom. Tantra and Sexological Bodywork offer many tools that are very powerful and if used correctly they can help to transform and enhance your body awareness and quality of your intimate life. You can choose from Tantra Massage with active meditation before and after the session.



Come and enjoy a calm, relaxing session in the hands of a massage artist who knows how to stimulate and tease, please you and awaken all of your erogenous zones.

– Anna, the Massage Miracle Maker





I work as a creative and intuitive therapist, tuning into each client as a unique being. By offering genuine tantra massage I deliver healing, nourishment and fine erotic experience to those who crave it in the most gentle and elegant form available.

The world demands our time and attention, encroaches on our space and expects us to be many things to many people. Anna’s warmth, empathy and skill create a place where those things can be suspended. Allow Anna to guide you, with her hands and words, on a journey into the body. Learn from her, explore yourself, relax and let go. Thank you Anna.”

– male client, Zurich
Thank you for a truly amazing session. Not only are you supremely skilled as a masseuse and bodyworker, you are genuinely in touch with tantric energy. I was able to let go and enter a truly altered state. This is where bliss happens! Your presence throughout the whole session was total. Not only that, you have such an unconditionally loving heart. I experienced a deep healing during and after our extraordinary time together. I can’t wait for more.
Kavida Rei

Tantric Guide and Author

My offers

My massage offer is available for both men and women. I am a professional massage therapist able to offer sensual experience on the highest level in a respectful manner. My therapy space is a sanctuary offered for your pleasure and relaxation. Cosy and comfortable, with music in the background, candlelights and essential oils scenting the air – it is a private space in which you will feel safe and comfortable. Soft freshly-laundered sheets, fresh towels, scrupulously clean, and a full-height hot shower are available. I only use only pure, natural massage oils to soften your skin and support its health.


Questions and etiquette

Please read carefully before booking…

I want you to enjoy your session to my fullest ability and with my individual techniques. Different providers have different approaches and rules. It is important to be aware of the differences before planning your visit. Please keep your mind open and absorb the information in this section. The result will be the best for both of us.



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I completely understand that you wish to protect your privacy as well as I do. I will fully respect that and I can assure you that your personal information will be handled in an absolutely confidential and professional way.

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