I completely understand that you wish to protect your privacy as well as I do. I will fully respect that and I can assure you that your personal information will be handled in an absolutely confidential and professional way.

Massage sessions are available nearly every day, and please request in advance so I can offer you the time and date you prefer. All my sessions are in English.


Contact me now using the contact form below or write an email to:

info [at]

My studio is cozy, quiet and situated in central Zug less than 100 meters from Zug train station and with plenty of parking space around. It is very easy to arrive within 30 minutes from Zurich or Lucerne on direct trains that leave 4 times an hour! So in less than the time, it takes for a tram across crowded Zurich, you could instead reach my Zug studio for an amazing massage in my hands.

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