Frequently Asked Questions

Please read my rules and answers to most frequent questions carefully before making a booking. I really appreciate it!

My massage sessions are far from cookie-cutter routine. I am always authentic, responsive and present during a session.

Who is your tantric massage for?

I can say my clients are people from different walks of life, many are cosmopolitan, busy professionals and expats living in Zug or Zurich, and increasingly local Swiss clients. My group of clients is small, but many visit regularly and it often forms a long-term client relationship. I see men and women who are lacking real intimacy in their relationships; those who are curious and would like to simply try something new; people going through major changes in life and needing a path of self-discovery; people looking to learn and deepen their sexual experiences; those dealing with blockages, feelings of guilt or shame around their sexuality.

No matter what your reason is you are welcome to contact me. I will be happy to talk about your needs and work with you.

Can I touch you?

No. I really prefer that you don’t touch me. Trust my skills, experience and be patient. There is lots of time in your session to forget time and space, deeply relax, feel excitement and pleasure. You are welcome to stay present, connect with your breath, and focus on receiving pleasure. Being taken care of and staying passive, while allowing yourself to truly relax and let go, is the goal of your massage. This is not a mutual massage, the experience and the orgasm if that happens is for you. I do not offer or accept intercourse, oral sex, or any form of sexual activity that is beyond a massage.

How do you look like? Can you send a photo?

I do not send my photos to people I haven’t met in personal life, sorry. I believe protecting my privacy is a fair and right thing to do. I also do not want you to choose my offer based on the photo you see, but because of my experience, talent and attitude. However, I understand it is a better experience to get your massage from someone good-looking. I am a tall, attractive, slim woman in my early 30’s. Being naturally sensual and feminine I prefer a natural look – no fake tan, plastic surgeries etc. However, I love to take care of myself, my body, and my appearance.

How should I prepare for the session?

The massage part of the experience is conducted in a “naturist” format for both giver and receiver. You will be provided with a wraparound (sarong) to wear beforehand for the tantric rituals. Everything you might need (shower gel, shampoo, towels, mouthwash, hair gel, and fresh bath towels) will be provided in the studio’s bathroom. Cleanliness and high level of personal hygiene are paramount. Please abstain from alcohol before your session and avoid heavy food for 24 hours before your session. Stay hydrated on the day of your massage.

I always prepare some tea before the session, either green tea or mint tea. If you have any dislikes or preferences please let me know earlier. If you have your favorite sarong/Pareo you can bring it. Don’t forget to bring a good mood too:)

How can I book?

Please send your request via contact form. Please introduce yourself briefly. You can write about your needs and intentions. You are very welcome to openly share whatever you think is important at this moment before your session. This is always appreciated.

How much notice is needed?

One day notice to book is needed. I do not offer last minute appointments. I do not answer messages with questions such as: “ Are you free in one hour?”. It takes some preparation to have a good session and I am not available last minute. Please contact me early to get your session

How can I feel after a tantric massage?

Each session and each person is different. Each session is an individual process. I would say it is important what your intention before the session is. Until a couple of days after you can feel strong emotions such as anger, sadness but also a sense of lightness, release from tension and peace. It is possible to have mood swings, for example, someone who usually is cold and feels a lot of anger can become softer and easier to be around. Often friends and family notice such changes. A lot depends on your intentions so to observe yourself after the session. Often people feel peace and lightness of being after such session, almost like a huge load was taken off their shoulders… because this is exactly what happens.

Is tantric massage erotic massage?

No. Tantric massage uses sexual energy to awaken senses, boost creativity, relax deeply body and mind and to open your heart to more love. The aim of tantric massage is not genital orgasm but awaking your senses and energy.

Do I have to be undressed to receive tantric massage?

Yes, to receive a session you have to be naked. You will be provided with a wraparound (sarong) to wear beforehand for the tantric rituals.

Does tantric massage focus on intimate areas?

Yes and no. There are different ways of approaching it and the massage can be also very pleasant and transforming if we don’t include genitals in a session.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. To receive a massage you have to be at least 18 years old.

Where is your massage taking place?

The massage is possible in Zug Switzerland. My therapy space is a sanctuary offered for your pleasure and relaxation. Cozy and comfortable, with music in the background, candlelights and essential oils scenting the air – it is a private space in which you will feel safe and comfortable. Soft freshly-laundered sheets, fresh towels, scrupulously clean, and a full-height hot shower are available.

Why people get tantric massages?

Some of us feel lonely or do not get enough attention and intimacy in a long-term relationship. Some are curious and want to experience something new. Some people are under so much pressure and stress they seek ways to calm down, take some time away from daily life and relax by immersing into another world. Some people have difficulty to relate to opposite sex, yet we all need care and attention.

What kind of oil are you using?

I use 100% Shea butter, organic cocoa butter or good quality almond or coconut oil. If you have any preference or skin allergies please don’t forge to inform me.

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