my approach

My hands and my presence are a tool between you and the divine, the ecstasy and true joy. 

I am a certified tantric massage therapist trained in the Czech Republic by Richard and Denisa Paleckova (Tantra Spa Prague) and by Sexological Bodywork in Zurich.  I have also attended several Tantra Essence (Ma Ananda Sarita) workshops.

specialize in Tantra massage for men and women. Each session is based on customers specific needs. While approaching a man’s or woman’s body, I take a sense worship and compassion.

I love the combination of meditation and tantric massage and often include simple meditations or movement activities before the session starts.  I believe they are the key to achieving the balance between body, mind and sexual energy.

I am massaging with presence, awareness and an open mind. It is important to me that you feel safe in my hands. You won’t be judged. The true understanding of ourselves comes from the mind and emotions and not from the brain, therefore my intention is to be open and present in the moment with listening touch. 

Tantra for me is connection and expansion, meditation and awareness. It is a possibility to practice presence and mindful receiving. It is a key to love and accepting oneself and opening your body for pleasure and ecstatic experiences. Tantra is so fascinating it can be a path for life.

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