Massage offerings for men

I know how difficult it is to find a very good quality of massage therapy with someone who will suit your needs. I encourage you to take the first step and get in touch to join me on this exciting journey!

Discover the beauty of authentic, unrushed, tantric massage designed just for you. Allow yourself a couple of hours of subtle pampering touch, deep therapeutic touch, liberating intimacy, or energizing stretching activities.I look forward to our session!

Tantra Massage Deluxe

Two hours of liberating pampering touch, deep relaxation intimate tantric touch carefully blended with amazing techniques from around the world. You can receive deeply relaxing neck and shoulders massage here. This session can be also combined with deep tissue back massage or long face and scalp massage. If you have any wishes or preferences do not be afraid to say. Different scents of oil might be used to awaken all your senses and surprise you.

Price: 400 CHF
Time: 120 min / allow 2.5 h

Classic Tantra Massage

Beautiful tantric bodywork session crafted only for you.  This session can involve deep therapeutic touch to relive pains and aches in the tired muscle, as well as plenty of soft sensual touching and body to body elements. Excellent for newcomers and massage connoisseurs. Gentle and caring, satisfying and relaxing.

Price: 350 CHF
Time: 90 min / allow 2 h

Tantric Lingham + Anal Mapping

Powerful yet relaxing and liberating intimate session for men. This session starts with a little bit of stretching, movement or message to let you fall into experience easily. It is quite erotic but also slow and relaxing so you can welcome all feelings.

Price: 400 CHF
Time: 120 min / allow 2.5 h

Ejaculation Control

Tantric massage with surrounding waves of pleasure and relaxation for better control and prolonged pleasure. This massage is also possible without erection. You do not need to have an erection to receive tantric massage!

Price: 350 CHF
Time: 90 min / allow 2 h

Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian Awaking

Deeply sensual, attentive massage with hypnotizing strokes for gentle awaking, deep relaxation, and great for beginners as it does not include intimate massage. However it is still very satisfying.

Price: 250 CHF
Time: 90 min / allow 2 h

Tantric massage + Kundalini Yoga

Energizing activities and stretching to prepare your body and mind to receive fully and feel more. You will be able to get in connection with your own body and increase your sensitivity to touch. You will receive slow and meditative tantric genital/lingham massage.

Price: 350 CHF
Time: 90 min / allow 2 h

Scar Tissue Healing

Do you have scars, previous injuries that bother you until these days? Scars can be difficult to accept, hard to touch and with decreased or no sensitivity. Scar tissue massage can help to release the tension, facilitate better mobility of the tissue and can bring back sensitivity to the area.

Price: 300 CHF
Time: 90 min / allow 2h
2-3 sessions recommended

Anal Mapping for Men

A powerful yet very gentle meditative session which can help to release emotional tension, as some say there is often a lot of anger hiding in this area. This is not a masturbation or prostate massage but holistic intimate massage. Enjoy many sensations this massage brings, from deeply satisfying feeling to release of emotions and memories, pleasure and arousal.

Price: 350 CHF
Time: 120 min / allow 2.5 hours


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