Massage offerings for women

Many women, of all ages, are curious about sensual massage but are afraid of putting themselves at risk by visiting the wrong person. This is completely understandable and I hope to offer a way for you to benefit from a sensual massage in a safe, comfortable environment.

Do you believe that lovemaking should be more profound, more loving, more meaningful, but you feel it is at a more superficial level in your life and you are not sure how to change that? Do you believe your sexual energy should be a powerful positive force holistically, in all areas of your life? But you don’t feel too much of that positive effect? Do you feel a need to heal something in your sexuality, in body or psyche? Or to open more of the sexual woman in yourself?

If so, then you are in a perfect place.

Vaginal mapping

Interesting experience which can awaken our deepest needs and bring us closer to who we really are. It is possible to have visions, see colors, have an emotional release during such session or new interesting ideas. The session is slow, meditative and will allow you to relax deeply, release trapped emotions and feel in contact with your yoni/vagina again. Sometimes this area can hold a lot of tension, can be desensitized or even painful to touch. Benefits of such sessions can be life-changing.

Price: 250 CHF
Time: 120 min / allow 2.5 h

Goddess Temple

I LOVE working with women. This is massage I will craft especially for you to answer your needs and create the feeling of love and comfort. I don’t have strong preferences to work only with men or only with women and my sessions with women so far have been fabulous.

Price: 250 CHF
Time: 90 min / allow 2 h

Classic Tantra Massage

Beautiful tantric bodywork session crafted only for you.  This session can involve deep therapeutic touch to relive pains and aches in the tired muscle, as well as plenty of soft sensual touching and body to body elements. Excellent for newcomers and massage connoisseurs. Gentle and caring, satisfying and relaxing.

Price: 350 CHF
Time: 90 min / allow 2 h

Scar tissue healing

Do you have scars or previous injuries that bother you until these days? Scars can be difficult to accept, hard to touch and with decreased or no sensitivity. Scar tissue massage can help to release the tension, facilitate better mobility of the tissue and can bring back sensitivity to the area.

Price: 150 CHF
Time: 90 min / allow 2 h
2-3 sessions reccomended

Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian Awaking

Deeply sensual, attentive massage with hypnotizing strokes for gentle awaking, deep relaxation and great for beginners as it does not include intimate massage. It is however still very satisfying.

Price: 250 CHF
Time: 90 min / allow 2 h

I LOVE working with women!


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