I would like to thank Anna for the various massages I had the chance to receive these last months. She has a unique personality. In the same time, you feel the strength but also the passion. This is clear she likes her job. She has a unique way to find out which part of your body needs relief. Furthermore, her massage techniques are so personal and so performant. I use to travel a lot everywhere in this world but never enjoyed such deep and perfect massages. You feel directly at home at her place. Ideally located in the center of Zug. Very clear and clean inside. But please do not try to influence her. Just accept and enjoy what she is ready to give you at the date of your appointment… You will never regret it…

Client from Wolerau

Das Tantra-Massage und Frau eine sehr aussergewöhnliche Kombination ist, davon war ich eigentlich überzeugt. Doch jetzt habe ich es selber ausprobiert und war total überrascht und überwältigt zugleich: die Tantra-Massage liess mich Zeit und Ort vergessen und mein Körper, mein Geist und meine Seele gingen in einem wunderschönen Garten spazieren! Die Facetten an Eindrücken lassen sich nicht beschreiben. Die Tantra-Massage hat mich tief entspannt! Ich kann Anna für diese wunderschöne Reise von Herzen danken und sie jeder weltoffenen Frau empfehlen. Danke Anna, herzlich I.

female client, name changed

You were really very warm and friendly person and I am very happy to meet you.
As it was the first time I had a message I did not know what to expect from it before I came. I was even thinking that it could be more formal and you would go by the textbook for massage. But as you wrote in the website you really seem to customize it for each person. To be frank, it was more of pleasure and less of massage and I recollect it several times in my mind. But I am happy that you choose this method for me. I am looking forward to more pleasure and different experience next time and hope to visit you sometime soon.

– Hans, name changed
Dear Anna,
First of all, I would like to thank you for last Friday morning. Not only the message, but also the nice conversation before and after. I have thought about the experience and want to share my insights with you. Don’t worry, I won’t make it too long, I don’t want to creep you out 😉 In general, it was an extremely comforting and very pleasant experience and I really enjoyed your soft and skillful touch and felt comfortable and warm, well taken care of. I did sometimes focus too much on my breathing or on you instead of on the sensation of the touch and my reactions to it, but I think this was mainly because this was a very new and previously unknown experience. It is much harder than I expected to let go and just clear my mind and just receive. Nevertheless, I think for a first-time experience I was very relaxed and I am sure that future sessions will be even more enjoyable because I now know you and will be better able to focus on the sensation.
– First-time client
To the lovers of beautiful massages: Anna is an excellent alternative to the overpriced (Andana) or partially unsympathetic (Dakini) offered in the Zurich area. The lady is a true artist, creative, sensitive and charming. The eye of the connoisseur is not too short and the hospitality is proverbial. One feels immediately at ease. Personally, I like the open and friendly reception. Good English skills are useful if one wants to chat with the busy lady Anna. She has a great understanding of the needs, I felt it deeply, and yet she gave the occasional surprising movement to my delight. Conclusion: If you are looking a well-maintained place and truly skilled masseuse, Anna is your best choice. 

Regular long-standing client, name changed

I enjoyed the session on June 26, it was soothing and so tender I wished I or someone else could have been like that with myself in my past. This thing about myself and me is an important notion, of course I have met a lot of different people in various settings, I am not starving for attention, but usually significant others have their own agenda. And I think of myself as body-positive, but… fantasy is a literally viral thing and in some way it is so much corrupted by patriarchy. I was aware of that long before and maybe this meeting was a glimpse of hope I could spin it a little bit so that it woul fit myself better. I also appreciate your stance and professionality. I still don’t know when I will see you again and I feel it would be a pleasure.
Client from Zurich


As a semi-experienced receiver of tantra massage the anal mapping-offer aroused my interest. And indeed, it was it worth. Thanks to a gentle introduction and sensitive guidance – and of course, Anna’s magic hands – I was fortunate to immerse myself in a mix of very intense feelings and deep relaxation, and through these waves of sensations my mind flowed freely and took me to places I would have never reached without this experience.

– Hubert


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